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Vertex Colors

Vertex colors are red, green, and blue values stored for each vertex in the model. Generators that create geometry can compute vertex colors if requested. Each generator has a set of “Vertex Color” properties that either set the color directly or modify a color they inherit from their parent. Modifying inherited colors provides a mechanism for smoothly transitioning colors across nodes and generators.

Note: Vertex colors are only computed when the “Vertex Colors” compute flag is enabled on the Tree generator.

Viewing Vertex Colors

Render modes have been provided to see the vertex colors on the model. Select “Color,” “Red,” “Green,” or “Blue” from the “Render” button on the toolbar to preview vertex colors as shown below.

Mesh Assets

Mesh assets that are imported from “.FBX” files will retain vertex colors if they are present in the model. These colors can be added to or used to replace the procedurally-computed vertex colors.