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Basic Workflow

The SpeedTree Modeler, which runs separately from UE4, offers procedural and hand modeling tools that allow both efficiency and precision.

Note: SpeedTree 8 for UE4 is compatible only with UE4 4.19 and later.
Note: Files exported by the SpeedTree for UE4 Modeler will only work inside of Ue4 (.ST)
Note: Version 7 of SpeedTree should be used (.srt) if your project is in 4.18 or prior.

Purchasing the Modeler

SpeedTree 8 for UE4 is available with a subscription that can be purchased here: The subscription will allow you to edit and create trees. Custom licensing is also available.

Included in the subscription application are these features:

Free Export Only Mode

Log in with a free SpeedTree Store account to export the new SpeedTree samples models to UE4.19. Export-only mode replaces our drop-in ready models on the SpeedTree store with a more flexible approach to bringing SpeedTrees to UE4.

SpeedTree models (.SPM) purchased from the store can be opened, allowing artists to change the seasons, texture, and options before exporting a SpeedTree runtime file (.ST). Editing and saving are disabled in export only mode. For the full version of SpeedTree for UE4, simply activate a subscription through the SpeedTree store.

How Does It Work?

SpeedTree 8 for UE4 can open SpeedTree files (.SPM) and export them in a format specific to UE4 (.ST). SpeedTree 8 for UE4 will not export meshes outside of the “.ST” format and is incompatible with other game engines.

Using the SpeedTree Modeler is a three-step process:

  1. Create or purchase a SpeedTree model: Whether you use models from our library or create them from scratch using the SpeedTree Modeler, you’ll need a model to get started. Models consist of the SpeedTree files (.SPM) and the textures and component meshes (.OBJ, .FBX) associated with it.
  2. Export the model as a “.ST” file: SpeedTree models are exported directly into your Ue4 project. SpeedTrees can be exported with up to 3 LODs and a compatible wind for use inside Ue4. Our video tutorial is found here:
  3. Import models into UE4: SpeedTree models are imported into UE4 like any other asset. They come in as a Static Mesh with extra vertex attributes to implement wind and smooth LOD. You can do anything with them that you can do with a Static Mesh inside of UE4.