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SpeedTree Engine is licensed by passing a text string to SteLicense(). An example of the license string and how to use it appears below. The license call must be made at startup in any app or utility that uses it.

License keys are issued by IDV staff who can be reached at

#include <cstdio>
#include "speedtree_engine.h"
//  LicenseSpeedTreeEngine
bool LicenseSpeedTreeEngine(void)
    bool bSuccess = false;
    const char* pLicenseKey = "1B489456CC4585F5"; // example key (will fail)
    if (SteLicense(pLicenseKey)) // true on success, false on failure
        printf("SpeedTree Engine is successfully licensed for this run.\n");
        bSuccess = true;
        // any license error messages will be sent through SpeedTree Engine's
        // error/message callback system
    return bSuccess;