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What's New?

Not all editions of the SpeedTree Modeler are released for each new version. Consult the table below for the latest release of a particular edition.

SpeedTree Cinemav8.1.0
SpeedTree for Lumberyardv8.0.3


New Features

Better Support for High Resolution Monitors

“Display scaling” has been added to the application preferences. Use this option to increase the size of fonts, icons, scroll bars, window indicators, and other gui elements.

Arnold Support

The importer scripts for 3ds Max and Maya now support creating Arnold materials when importing SpeedTree models.

Renderman Support

The importer script for Maya now supports creating Renderman materials when importing SpeedTree models.

Bug Fixes

Node Edit Undo

“Undo” operations on node edits were wiping out all node edits, not just the last one. This has been corrected.

Split Crash

Using splits on branches welded to a parent could result in a crash or garbage geometry. This bug has been fixed.

"Knockout Others Only" Collision

Leaves using this collision style can no longer be eliminated by branches during the collision process.

Wind Causing Leaves to Disappear

A bug in the wind system that caused leaves to disappear for strenghts greater than 1.0 has been fixed.

Double Click Based Zooming

This technique of changing the camera position now works in “Trackball” navigation mode as well as “Standard”.

"Sink" on Welded Branches

The blend region was not being sunk but the branch was. Both elements sink correctly now.

UV Errors on Shells

Shells that did not end on exact length segment were showing stretched UV coordinates in the last segment. This behavior has been corrected.

Asset Drop Highlight Indicators

The highlight around the target of drag/drop operations has been restored.

FBX files not compatible with 3ds Max

An option on the export dialog has been added for creating 3ds Max 2015 compatible FBX files.

Fan Rotation Handles

These handles now highlight as you mouse over them (like the other manipulator handles in the app).

Shadow Bias

A bug resulting in large gaps between geometry and its shadow has been fixed.

Leaves as Extensions

Leaf geometry generated as an extension could occasionally be placed at the origin instead of the end of the parent. This error has been corrected.

Open Dialog Crash on Linux

The SpeedTree open dialog could crash displaying mesh previews. This has been fixed.


New Features

Billboard Rendering Improvements

The speed and quality of the billboard rendering during real-time model exports has been improved.

Atlas Packing Improvments

The map and billboard atlas packing algorithm has been improved to create atlases that utilize the available texture space more efficiently.

Better Opacity Handling in Lumberyard Models

TIF exportsettings for alpha mipmapping has been modified so that sparse leaves/needles don't disappear in the distance.

Improved Branch Intersection Noise Pattern

The vertex noise pattern used to blend branch intersections has been modified to reduce harsh edge artifacts near the transition edge.

Bug Fixes

Cascade Value From Old Models Fixed

Models created in version 7 (earlier) that used the “Cascade” value on parent curves now import with much greater fidelity in version 8.

Frond Normal Spread

The algorithm for smoothing geometry normals on fronds has been fixed (normals were spreading more on the interior than the exterior in previous releases).

Force Mesh Extents Included in AO Rendering

Previous versions were ignoring the extents of Force Meshes when rendering AO data.

"Clear Node Edits" Property Button Crash

Repeatedly pressing this button on the Property Bar while in “Node Editing” mode could result in a crash.

LOD Geometry Rendering to the Origin Fixed

A bug that could cause some geometry vertices to be set to the origin during collision/LOD computations has been fixed.

Fronds Can Now Handle the "Simple Leaves" Mesh

This mesh (a simple quad) is used to replace assigned meshes in low resolution computations (e.g., Draft Mode). Frond geometry could generate a crash when the meshes dropped to this resolution in previous releases.

Cap Generators No Longer Indicate Wind Level in the Generation Editor

Caps always inherit the wind of their parent and those values can not be edited for the cap. Therefore, the wind level indicator on the cap has been removed.


New Features

Timeline Wind Improvements

Exporting wind using the strength curve on the Timeline Bar now works with “.fbx” file exports. Alembic exports of models with growth disabled are faster.

Velocity Data in Alembic Exports

An option has been added to select whether or not velocity data is included in Alembic exports.

Edit Map Filenames

Map filenames can now be edited on the Edit Map dialog.

Capture Camera Works in Sequence Renders

The automatic camera motion controlled in the “Capture Camera” section of the windows can now be applied to sequence renders. This feature is commonly used for turntable renderings.

Bug Fixes

Caps on Shells Crash Fixed

Caps added to shells could cause a crash in the event the shell wasn't created.


New Features

Shape Control Distribution Style

This property selects which nodes factor into shape control length distribution.


Version 8 is a significant leap forward from version 7. Old models will still load, but new generators, materials, and tools are available to improve model quality and modeling workflow. Please have a look at this section for an overview about what has changed from version 7 to version 8.