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What's New?


New Features

Timeline Wind Improvements

Exporting wind using the strength curve on the Timeline Bar now works with “.fbx” file exports. Alembic exports of models with growth disabled are faster.

Velocity Data in Alembic Exports

An option has been added to select whether or not velocity data is included in Alembic exports.

Edit Map Filenames

Map filenames can now be edited on the Edit Map dialog.

Capture Camera Works in Sequence Renders

The automatic camera motion controlled in the “Capture Camera” section of the windows can now be applied to sequence renders. This feature is commonly used for turntable renderings.

Bug Fixes

Caps on Shells Crash Fixed

Caps added to shells could cause a crash in the event the shell wasn't created.


New Features

Shape Control Distribution Style

This property selects which nodes factor into shape control length distribution.


Version 8 is a significant leap forward from version 7. Old models will still load, but new generators, materials, and tools are available to improve model quality and modeling workflow. Please have a look at this section for an overview about what has changed from version 7 to version 8.