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Displacement Bar

The Displacement Bar is where you create displacement assets that can be used to displace the surface of branches, caps, and fronds.

Managing Displacement Assets

Adding, removing, changing the name, reordering, and applying displacement assets to the tree is done the same way for all of the assets. This process is described in Common Asset Settings.



The image file used as the displacement source. Use the browse and reload buttons to change or reload the image.


The channel source of the displacement map. This can be set to grayscale, red, green, blue, or alpha.


The smoothing parameter will blur on the displacement map to remove high-frequency changes. Often, a blurry displacement will work much better than one with tiny details.


This parameter lets you raise or lower the brightness of the whole displacement map, effectively adjusting the offset of the final displacement.


This parameter lets you increase the separation between light and dark parts of the displacement map.