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-The Mesh generator allows you to place a custom mesh into  your tree. The major difference between this and [[batchedleaf_generator|the batched leaf generator]] is that it allows you to[[kcgenerators_vs._nodes| Node edit.]] ​  {{ :​leaf_mesh_generator.jpg?​nolink |}}.  +======Mesh Generator======
-You can upload your .obj file using the +/- {{ :​meshs.jpg?​nolink |}} +
-----+>​**Note:​** This generator is a beta feature in v8.2.0 and is only available in Cinema and Games editions of the Modeler. The documentation for this feature is a work in progress.
-====== Geometry ====== +The Mesh generator ​is used to make mesh assets part of the model ​It ​is often used to import photogrammetry models as either a trunk to build off of or a branch structure to use in procedural generation.
-Loading in the .obj files is the same as for batched leavesHigh, Medium and low poly Files can be placed. The mesh is assigned ​to it's texture from the [[kcmaterialsassetsbar|materials asset]] bar.+
-Collection Spines pivot +===== Generation ===== 
-Wind direction +The Generation properties are described in full detail under [[generation_properties|Generation Properties]].
-Proxy collision+
 +===== Mesh =====
 +The properties in this group control which material/​mesh asset combinations are used by the generator and at what size they appear.
 +==== Material ====
 +Selects a material/​mesh combination. ​ Meshes must be assigned to the material on the [[kcmaterialsassetsbar|Material Bar]] to be used on the Mesh Generator. ​ Materials are chosen based on their weights and [[kcseasons|season]] settings.
 +== Material ==
 +This property specifies a named material from the [[kcmaterialsassetsbar|Material Bar]]. If "​None"​ is selected or the chosen material has no assigned mesh, there will be no geometry generated.
 +== Weight ==
 +Sets probability that a node will receive this material (this weight รท sum of all weights).
 +== Use actual size ==
 +When enabled, the mesh will be the same size as it was in its original file.  Otherwise, the size of the mesh will be unitized (i.e., fit in a unit box).
 +== Scale ==
 +Scales the size of the mesh.
 +== + % of parent ==
 +This value is multiplied by the size of the parent node and added to the size of the mesh.  Use this value when combining meshes procedurally to ensure that meshes further down the hierarchy gradually decrease in size.
 +==== Orientation ====
 +Use these properties to rotate the mesh after it has been oriented relative to its parent.
 +=== Rotate ===
 +Rotations happen in the order they are listed here.
 +== X ==
 +Rotate around the X axis (1.0 equals a complete rotation).
 +== Y ==
 +Rotate around the Y axis (1.0 equals a complete rotation).
 +== Z ==
 +Rotate around the Z axis (1.0 equals a complete rotation).
 +==== Deformation ====
 +If a Mesh generator is added as a child of a Branch generator, the Branch generator will deform the mesh.  Use the properties in this group to control how far along the branch the mesh is placed.  ​
 +>​**Note:​** Meshes must point along the Y-axis in order to be deformed.
 +Use these properties to specify the anchor point along the parent spine.
 +The mesh will be anchored this fixed distance along its parent'​s spine.
 +==+ % of parent==
 +This percentage of its parent'​s size is added to the distance along the spine where the mesh begins.
 +===== Lightmap =====
 +The property in this group affects the influence meshes in this generator have on the [[lightmap|lightmap]].
 +>​**Note:​** Not all versions of the Modeler support lightmap UV computation.
 +Use this property to increase or decrease the importance of this generator'​s meshes in the lightmap -- in relation to the lightmap weight of all other objects -- before lightmap packing is determined. ​ Note that your Weight value may not be honored exactly or may get so large as to exhibit unexpected results. ​ Use "​Tools->​Reset lightmap scalars"​ to go back to default values for the whole model. ​