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 +====== Generators ======
 +Procedural modeling involves editing a variety of parameters and their variances that govern the creation of a tree. Generators are the objects that provide this level of procedural generation.
 +Generators create and control groups of [[kcnodes|Nodes]],​ which comprise the geometry of the model. Editing the values and variances of the [[kcproperties|Properties]] of the Generators and controlling their hierarchy creates the procedural generation of the tree.
 +===== Generation Editor =====
 +The [[toolgeneration_editor|Generator Editor]] is where you edit the basic structure of the tree. Generators are connected here, and the tree's procedural structure can be edited by changing these connections.
 +===== Generator Types =====
 +There are several types of generators that create different types of geometry in the tree.
 +==== Main ====
 +| {{ :​tree.jpg?​80 }} | **[[tree_generator|Tree Generator]]**\\ Every SpeedTree has exactly one Tree Generator, which is where you set global settings for the tree. |
 +| {{ :​branch.jpg?​80 }} | **[[branch_generator|Branch Generator]]**\\ The Branch Generator is responsible for generating trunks, branches, and roots. It can also be used for [[kchanddrawing|hand-drawn branches]]. |
 +| {{ :​leafmesh.jpg?​80 }} | **[[leaf_mesh_generator|Leaf Mesh Generator]]**\\ The Leaf Mesh Generator is responsible for any type of leaf geometry or [[atclusters|Cluster]]. |
 +| {{ :​batchleaf.jpg?​80 |}} | **[[batchedleaf_generator|Batched Leaf Generator]]**\\ On VFX trees with many thousands of leaves, this Generator forgoes individual node editing for orders-of-magnitude faster computation. |
 +| {{ ::​frond.jpg?​80 |}} | **[[frond_generator|Frond Generator]]**\\ The Frond Generator will create a mesh deforms along a parent branch spine. This is useful to make palm fronds or ferns. |
 +Decorators are a way of spawning exterior parts to give a tree interesting and unique features.
 +| {{ :cap.jpg?80 |}} | **[[cap_generator|Cap Generator]]**\\ The Cap Generator closes off open-ended branches. |
 +| {{ :​knot.jpg?​80 |}} | **[[knot_generator|Knot Generator]]**\\ The Knot Generator creates an extra piece of geometry attached to a branch, such as a knot, lump, or cavity. |
 +| {{ :fin.jpg?80 |}} | **[[fin_generator|Fin Generator]]**\\ Fin Generators create a thin flap of geometry that can be used for fungus, moss, or other things that hang off a trunk or branch. |
 +| {{ :​shell.jpg?​80 |}} | **[[branch_generator|Shell generator]]**\\ A Shell is a special kind of Branch that sits on top of the parent branch, allowing you to wrap the parent in moss, algae, or low-poly vines. |
 +====World Building====
 +| {{ :​zone.jpg?​80 |}} | **[[zone_generator|Zone Generator]]**\\ The Zone Generator serves as a parent for other objects to grow off, similar to the Tree Generator. |
 +| {{ :​proxy.jpg?​80 |}} | **[[proxy_generator|Proxy Generator]]**\\ The Proxy Generator creates stand-in objects called "​proxies"​ that are placed on a Zone Generator as part of [[world_building|World Building]]. |