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Procedural modeling involves editing a variety of parameters and their variances that govern the creation of a tree. Generators are the objects that provide this level of procedural generation.

Generators create and control groups of Nodes, which comprise the geometry of the model. Editing the values and variances of the Properties of the Generators and controlling their hierarchy creates the procedural generation of the tree.

Generation Editor

The Generator Editor is where you edit the basic structure of the tree. Generators are connected here, and the tree's procedural structure can be edited by changing these connections.

Generator Types

There are several types of generators that create different types of geometry in the tree.


tree.jpg Tree Generator
Every SpeedTree has exactly one Tree Generator, which is where you set global settings for the tree.
branch.jpg Branch Generator
The Branch Generator is responsible for generating trunks, branches, and roots. It can also be used for hand-drawn branches.
leafmesh.jpg Leaf Mesh Generator
The Leaf Mesh Generator is responsible for any type of leaf geometry or Cluster.
Batched Leaf Generator
On VFX trees with many thousands of leaves, this Generator forgoes individual node editing for orders-of-magnitude faster computation.
Frond Generator
The Frond Generator will create a mesh deforms along a parent branch spine. This is useful to make palm fronds or ferns.


Decorators are a way of spawning exterior parts to give a tree interesting and unique features.

Cap Generator
The Cap Generator closes off open-ended branches.
Knot Generator
The Knot Generator creates an extra piece of geometry attached to a branch, such as a knot, lump, or cavity.
Fin Generator
Fin Generators create a thin flap of geometry that can be used for fungus, moss, or other things that hang off a trunk or branch.
Shell generator
A Shell is a special kind of Branch that sits on top of the parent branch, allowing you to wrap the parent in moss, algae, or low-poly vines.

World Building

Zone Generator
The Zone Generator serves as a parent for other objects to grow off, similar to the Tree Generator.
Proxy Generator
The Proxy Generator creates stand-in objects called “proxies” that are placed on a Zone Generator as part of World Building.