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SpeedTree Modeler Hotkeys

Note: Due to SpeedTree being available in differing versions, some of these hotkeys may not apply to your version of the Modeler.

Hiding Nodes

Key Combo Function
H Hides currently selected nodes/generators
C Hides child nodes/generators by steps, beginning with furthest descendant
X Reveals hidden child nodes/generators by steps, beginning with direct children

Generator Selection

Key Combo Function
Tab Toggle between Generation and Node Editing modes
Up Arrow Select child generator
Down Arrow Select parent generator
Right Arrow Select right generator off same parent
Left Arrow Select left generator off same parent

Focus Controls

Key Combo Function
F Focus on selected node, all descendants and ancestors present
Shift + F Focus on selected node and all siblings, ancestors visible and descendants invisible
Ctrl + F Clear focus settings

Resolution Controls

Key Combo Function
D Decrease resolution
Ctrl + D Increase resolution

Render Mode Selection

Key Combo Function
Ctrl + 1 Standard render mode
Ctrl + 2 Scribed render mode
Ctrl + 3 AO render mode
Ctrl + 4 Albedo Check render mode
Ctrl + 5 Subsurface Check render mode
Ctrl + 6 Lightmap render mode

Visibility Controls

Key Combo Function
1 Toggle visibility of leaves
2 Toggle visibility of fronds
3 Toggle visibility of branches
4 Toggle visibility of zones
5 Toggle visibility of proxies
6 Toggle visibility of forces and meshes
7 Toggle visibility of collision objects
8 Toggle visibility of current wind settings (turn wind on/off)

Subdivision Controls

Key Combo Function
Shift + Plus(+) Increase level of subdivision
Minus(-) Decrease level of subdivision

Camera Controls

Key Combo Function
Shift + B Beauty Render mode - turn off visibility of Tree Window GUI elements
B Temporarily view Beauty Render when held down, or escape Beauty Render mode
\ Capture camera enabled
Shift + > Reset camera to default (saved) view
Z Zoom out so entire tree is in window

Mouse Controls

Key Combo Function
LMB + drag Rotate view in Tree Window
MMB + drag Move view in Tree Window
LMB + MMB + drag Quick zoom in Tree Window
V + drag Rotate and tilt light in Tree Window
Space + drag Begin hand drawn node

Selection Style Controls

Key Combo Function
~ Toggle visibility of selection style
Shift + ~ Cycle through selection styles

Manipulator Gimple Controls (for Forces and Meshes)

Key Combo Function
W Toggle position gimble
E Toggle rotation gimble
R Toggle scale gimble
Q Turn off gimble

Other Controls

Key Combo Function
A Toggle visibility of Art Director
N Display vertex normals
O Render ambient occlusion
F2 Open rename dialog for selected node or generator
F11 Toggle model computation on/off