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Absolute mode generates a user-specified number of nodes. Each node is given a random rotation around the parent and a random position between “Shared:First” and “Shared:Last.”

Use this mode to create an exact number of nodes. Trunks and roots are good typical uses for this generation mode.

Each of this generation mode's properties is described below.


The number of nodes generated.


A variance is placed on each node's orientation in order to achieve a more natural and random appearance.


Specifies an arc around the parent node where nodes are eligible.


Each node is rotated this absolute amount from its computed angle.

Favor Splits

Positions the generated nodes on major bends or jinks.

Hint: This is useful when trying to recreate the natural look of a branch splitting.
Align style

When “Align” is enabled, generated nodes attempt to roll their initial orientation skyward as much as they can, according to the following options:

IndividualEach node rolls skyward independently.
GroupAll of the nodes in the group roll skyward together.

This option toggles the skyward rolling behavior described above.


The “Shared” properties are common to all generation modes and are documented here.