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Release Notes

This is a log of changes between releases of the SpeedTree Engine Clarisse in reverse chronological order.

A Word On Version Numbers: The product shares its codebase with the SpeedTree Cinema Modeler application. The version numbers will always be locked to the version of SpeedTree Cinema it was built against. 8.2.0, for example. If updates are needed before Cinema is updated, we will append Release 2, Release 3, etc to the version. 8.2.0 R2, for example.

8.2.0 Release 2

8.2.0r2 is the immediate successor to 8.2.0 and includes several bug fixes. It will work only with Clarisse 3.6 SP4, Clarisse 3.6 SP5, Clarisse 3.6 SP6, Clarisse 3.6 SP7, and Clarisse 3.6 SP8.


  1. Now supports Clarisse 3.6 SP6, SP7, and SP8.
  2. For 3.6 SP6, correctly sets the new “Sidedness” variable for standard materials.

Bug Fixes

  1. Corrupt Geometry From v7 Models: The frond geometry from Cinema v7 models would often not load correctly.
  2. Shading Variables Offset: When “Make Shading Variables Only” was pressed, the shading variables where incorrectly offset by one. This did not occur when pressing “Make Materials”.
  3. Branch Seam Blending Not Working: It was not always activating when the loaded model called for it.
  4. Other Image Formats Broken: If a format other than PNG was selected for STE export in Cinema 8.2.0, the Clarisse plugin would not load them.


Release Candidate 1 became 8.2.0. The version number is synchronized with SpeedTree Cinema since they share the same version of the internal procedural engine code.

Release Candidate 1

RC1 will work only with Clarisee 3.6 SP4 or Clarisee 3.6 SP5.


  1. Will no longer “stack” material folders for multiple copies of the same model.
  2. Branch blending now supporting by plugin-generate materials.
  3. “By Session” option added to “Suspend Updates” attribute. With this option, it won't update wind within a Clarisse editing/GUI session, but will always update when rendering under CNode.
  4. Added an attribute to control default height of spike and icon modes.
  5. All attributes now have tool tip documentation in Clarisse.
  6. RLM licensing now includes automatic evaluation mode (10 days) if no evaluation license is found.

Bug Fixes

  1. Leaf-popping during growth animation.
  2. “Use Raw Data” was not enabled for the plugin-generated materials.
  3. Shading variables indices were offset by one.
  4. Numerous internal fixes and improvements to the underlying SpeedTree Engine library.

Beta 3

  1. DRM in place. Now licenses with RLM.
  2. Memory usage is significantly better. STE/SPM files are now properly cached to prevent redundant loading.
  3. Each tree model now has a seed attribute so that the whole tree can be randomized.
  4. Materials are now fully defined, including subsurface maps.
  5. Velocity vectors present for both wind and growth animation. Scalar attributes available for both.
  6. Cohesive rolling wind now works for both directional and spherical sources.
  7. Several new wind optimization tools:
    • The wind code is now faster in general.
    • New attribute “Disable Motion Blur”: Every tree object has an “Enable Motion Blur” option. If disabled, wind computation is twice as fast. This option will temporarily override this setting for every tree the wind source is tied to.
    • New attribute “Suspend Updates”: If you've got 50 5M-tri trees tied to a spherical wind source (thereby giving every tree unique wind) and drop the wind strength from 75% to 50%, you could be waiting two minutes or longer for them to update. With this enabled, they won't update until you disable it.
    • New attribute “Use Fast Noise”: This is the same as production/draft noise in SpeedTree Cinema. Cuts wind time to about half.
    • New attribute “Report Computation Times”: Reports in the log window how long each tree's wind takes to compute.
  8. STE files are no longer dependent on STMAT files. STMAT files are now redundant and not needed for the SpeedTree-to-Clarisse workflow.