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The current release of SpeedTree Engine for Clarisse does not include an installer, so a few files must be copied manually.

Please remember to remove the older SpeedTree files if you're installing a new version.

Quick & Dirty


  1. Copy to [Clarisse Install Path]/Clarisse/module/.
  2. Copy to [Clarisse Install Path]/Clarisse/.


  1. Copy speedtree_clarisse_v8.2.0r2.dll to [Clarisse Install Path]\Clarisse\module\.
  2. Copy speedtree_engine_v8.2.0r2.dll to [Clarisse Install Path]\Clarisse\.
    (Under Windows, the default installation path is “C:\Program Files\Isotropix\Clarisse iFX 3.6 SP6\”, for example)

Clean Approach

Copy the engine shared library file ( / speedtree_engine_v8.2.0r2.dll) to your desired path and adjust your system's binary execution path to include the library file's path.

  • On Windows, add this path to the PATH environment variable.
  • On Linux, add this path to the LD_LOAD_LIBRARY environment variable.

Copy the plugin file ( / speedtree_clarisse_v8.2.0r2.dll) to your desired path and invoke the Clarisse executable with the -module_path option. It takes multiple paths and must include both the Clarisse default module path and your custom path. For example, if your custom path is /home/user/my_clarisse_plugins/:

./clarisse -module_path "/usr/local/bin/Clarisse iFX 3.6 SP6/Clarisse/module" "/home/user/my_clarisse_plugins/"