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Motion Blur

The Clarisse plugin will compute velocity vectors for both wind and growth animation. The plugin provides controls for scaling each one separately. The final velocity vector submitted to the renderer is:

<velocity> = (growth_velocity * growth_scalar) + (wind_velocity * wind_scalar)

The <growth_velocity> value will adjusted depending on how it is keyframed. If it is keyframed frame-for-frame with the Cinema definition (described here), it will remain unaltered. However, if, for example, it was keyframed over twice as many frames than was defined in Cinema, <growth_velocity> will be scaled by 0.5.


Motion blur can slow wind updates, but there are two ways to bypass these computations:

  • Enable Motion Blur (Tree Object): Most of the Clarisse geometry objects have this as a standard attribute. If this is disabled for a SpeedTree node, the plugin will not compute the velocity vectors.
  • Disable Motion Blur (Wind Object): When enabled, this attribute will bypass wind motion blur computation for every tree object it is attached to.