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Release Notes

This is a log of changes between releases of the SpeedTree Engine 3ds Max in reverse chronological order.

A Word On Version Numbers: The product shares its codebase with the SpeedTree Cinema Modeler application. The version numbers will always be locked to the version of SpeedTree Cinema it was built against. 8.2.0, for example. If updates are needed before Cinema is updated, we will append Release 2, Release 3, etc to the version. 8.2.0 R2, for example.

8.2.0 R2 (Beta)

Version 8.2.0 R2 Beta is the immediate successor to the Alpha 1 release.

Bug Fixes

  1. Corrupt Geometry From v7 Models: The frond geometry from Cinema v7 models would often not load correctly.
  2. Non-PNG Image Formats Broken: If a format other than PNG was selected for STE export in Cinema 8.2.0, the plugin would still try to load with PNG extensions.

Alpha 1

First external release. This release is strictly a 3ds Max plugin with no special interfaces to any particular renderer. It generates Max meshes and does not yet support deferred geometry generation at render time.

  1. Works with 3ds Max 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.
  2. English only.
  3. Very limited documentation.
  4. No bone support.