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When a SpeedTree model is loaded, materials are not automatically created. Users must press the “Generate Max Materials” button in the plugin rollout. When pressed, the plugin will create a multi/sub-object material for the selected model and invoke a script for each sub material. By default, this script is installed at:

C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max <YEAR>\scripts\SpeedTree\

Users are free to modify or add different scripts to control how materials are created from SpeedTree definitions. The rollout provides a browse button so that this script can be assigned per model.

Note that the Resolution droplist must be set to one of the 3D modes (e.g. High or Low) for the “Generate Max Materials” button to not be greyed out.

The current release generates very straightforward 3ds Max materials. Renderer-specific material creation (e.g. V-Ray) is not yet available, but users are free to create their own conversions.